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Types of Construction Services

The construction or housing industry is a diverse group of people and companies with the same goal to provide homes for individuals. There are several types of residential construction services.

Below are some types of residential construction services and their roles in the overall construction process.

General Contractor Services

A general contractor is hired by a client who needs a home constructed or renovated for them based on a design. Designers often work directly with potential customers to create a plan for their house before drawing any blueprints with an architect. Once finalized, these plans go to the general contractor, who makes sure all parts of the project come together in the final product. They also ensure that everything is up to code and meets all health standards.

Construction Developers

Developers work closely with architects, designers, and contractors. Developers typically buy an empty piece of land before anything else happens, then design a plan for the future building on it after checking the zoning limitations. A developer might also be responsible for raising funds for their project by selling shares in buildings to investors or banks known as equity financing. They can raise money through bank loans or selling bonds. Once funds have been raised, developers can hire contractors to start the construction of the new building(s).

Construction Engineers

Engineers are specialists in their fields and design new products and methods for construction companies. They bring together various types of expertise needed to work on large, complex projects like dams, tunnels, or skyscrapers. Many engineers also study ways that buildings can be designed to prevent future disasters like earthquakes or floods. Engineering is also large enough that you could focus on many different things, like civil engineering in building roads, chemical engineering in processing chemicals, electrical engineering in transmitting electricity.

Construction Architects

Architects design buildings and spaces to be functional, safe, and attractive to look at. Architects work on everything from houses to skyscrapers, designing new buildings, or sometimes continuing work on projects started by others. Some architects are involved in planning all of the stages of construction, but most specialize in one area, like designing the building's structure or planning how it will be used. Architects also have a role when something goes wrong with a piece of architecture they created. For example, if the building they designed collapses due to flaws in their blueprints. Once completed, an architect inspects their project to ensure it is built according to their plans. A final copy of the blueprints can be requested and included in the project's file.

Engineers and architects work with financial managers who oversee budgets for large construction projects. Financial managers help ensure that everyone involved in construction has enough money to pay their workers, purchase materials, etc. When it comes time to finalize a budget and sign off on a design, they check over plans and make sure they meet the safety standards required by law and those of the entire profession, e.g., civil engineers.

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