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How to Plan your New Home

Building a new home can be rewarding and exciting. Sifting through styles and unique features can leave you breathless in anticipation of having your perfectly planned unique space. However, the challenge can be expensive, long, and sometimes disappointing without a proper plan. Even with an organized plan, be prepared to run into problems. Here are some suggestions for getting started on that dream home.

Architect and Contractor

Some would say that interviewing architects and contractors are putting the cart before the horse. But, who better than someone involved in the entire process? By sharing your ideas with experts, a wealth of knowledge can be obtained. Is your budget realistic, is the location suitable, and are materials readily available to meet a deadline, these are a few of the snags that new homeowners rarely think about.

Structure and Energy Choices

A structure is only as good as the foundation, building materials used, the insulation properties, and the type of energy provided. These 4 areas are key in providing a lasting home. Choosing between brick or wood and HVAC or solar can have a dramatic influence on your budget. Square footage will also be a major factor in price.


Once a qualified builder has been selected, it's time to shop for a loan. Your contractor may already work with a financial institute and suggest them as a potential lender. Depending on the interest rate and their terms, this could be a good way to go, but not necessary. The final choice is yours.

The Right Design Team

Many questions need to be answered when picking out a design team for your home's style, floor plan and decorating. The type of family that one has should dictate the flow of the house. Are there youngsters, teens, or only adults in the household? Is your lifestyle one of regular entertaining or quiet evenings at home? Traditional or minimalist tastes can render architectural details that are pleasing to you.


Your architect, builder, and design team are major players in making your home as unique and comfortable as you desire. Never be afraid to speak up and reveal your feelings about the project as it moves forward. This can save time and money and keep you positive about the results.

A new home is probably the largest investment that you will ever make. Starting with the right architect and builder, like The Big Builders, will put you on the right track to a professional job and within your time frame. Always ask for solid references and proposals in writing to avoid any problems.

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